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August 18, 2017
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November 10, 2017

Yahoo Messenger is the first Chat Application that everyone used. We’ve been facing difficulties at some stages while using it and ignoring those. Or instead of ignoring it, you can just reach Yahoo Customer Service to get support. Call us at Toll-Free Yahoo Mail Support number 18774982937.

A new initiative by Yahoo named as yahoo messenger was first launched on March 9, 1998, as Yahoo pager (19 years ago) and then changed its name to yahoo messenger on June 21, 1999. Its launch was a great success because it was the one of its kind, no other service had such good features like yahoo messenger had. Since then (the launched date) many updates have been done on yahoo messenger, to improve its quality and to match up the expectations of the users. In this article, we are trying to make you aware of most of the information about the yahoo messenger.

yahoo messenger support number


Features of Yahoo Messenger


With the help of Messenger, you can easily call your friends and your known people, not only voice call, but it also enables a good quality of video call. These calls will only use up your internet and not your balance. There is no limit to call duration. This application is usually helpful in connecting to people who are far away from you. You can also enjoy conference call with maximum three people.


Yahoo messenger enables you to share huge data files online, with ease. You are free to share videos, photos or any folder or document you wish to share. Sharing things is quick when you share them by yahoo messenger.


While using yahoo messenger, you can update your status on twitter and facebook; you can also connect your Yahoo account to twitter and FB. This will make your working easy and will help you to be social.


You can simultaneously use your messenger and can check your news feed. This will save your time.


Yahoo Messenger allows you to block the person who is disturbing you. You can prevent such irritating people from your contact list and relax.


Messenger is also available in the form of a mobile app, which is very convenient to use.


In case of any doubts, any malfunctioning; Yahoo customer care live chat is always available (24 hours); you just have to reach us with your problem, and it will be immediately solved.


Yahoo provides antivirus to keep a check on all the photos, videos or documents you receive; so that your device remains safe and well-organized.

How to install Yahoo Messenger?


  • Android users just have to go to their mobile play store.
  • And type there yahoo messenger plugin.
  • Then install the app.
  • Sign in using your yahoo id and password.
  • Start inviting people to the messenger.
  • You will have various options when you open the chat, like, video call, audio call…etc.
  • And finally, you have a creative way to convey your messages.


  • Open your browser.
  • Type yahoo messenger in the search box.
  • Click on the yahoo messenger link.
  • Download the setup file.
  • Run it on your PC.
  • When the installation process is done.
  • Sign in using your yahoo id and password.
  • Invite your friends, search them by their name.
  • Start chatting via text messages, video calls, audio calls; whatever you feel like.


  • It provides instant messaging service.
  • You can chat via video call or voice call.
  • It also enables conference call for three people.
  • You can share large files easily, using yahoo messenger.
  • Helps you to connect to the calendar to plan your stuff.
  • You can update your status on facebook and twitter also. You can also connect with your friends who are not added to your facebook account, so it becomes easy to be in contact with everyone.
  • In a group chat, you can mention the person’s name by just adding @ in the starting, and the conversation becomes more interesting.
  • You can express yourself with amazing GIFs.
  • You can like the messages in a conversation.
  • It is the easiest way of connecting to the world.
  • It is protected with antivirus.
  • The easiest way of socializing.
  • You can easily send invitations to your friends to install Yahoo, and then you all can easily chat or call them.
  • It is easy to install yahoo messenger, on your device; it can be your personal computer or your mobile phone.
  • You can converse in 40 different languages.

Common problems faced by Yahoo Messenger users

  • Users don’t feel safe; log in using their mobile no. If you don’t want to login using your mobile no., you can easily use your Yahoo ID
  • If your devices robust security system blocks yahoo messenger, in this case, you have to go to your device setting and in the list of permitted apps, add yahoo messenger; your problem will be solved.
  • There is a problem while login, you should first check your yahoo id, it should be correct with all capital and small letters. Then check your password, it should also be correct. And after checking this, the problem remains same; Yahoo support number or chat support is always there for your help.

Yahoo Customer Service

You can always get help from Yahoo, anytime and anywhere. You can contact Yahoo support number, and there is another way of asking your queries on yahoo help chat. On Yahoo help chat, you will get an instant reply; they will try their best to solve your problem.

Yahoo customer service

Call us: To call Yahoo mail support, dial 18774982937 Toll-Free number. Our experts will attend your calls and serve you 24×7.

Chat with us: To Chat with us, log on to our website and click on Yahoo Live Chat Support. Our technicians will provide you with immediate replies and solutions.

Email us: Email us with your query and problems. Our experts will write back to you with the solution.

Contact Yahoo Tech Support today!

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