Frequently Asked Questions About Yahoo

The common issues that bugs the Yahoo web services frequently can be solved by calling the customer care number. It is the best way to reach the company’s support services. However, we cannot just dismiss the FAQ’s of the common issues of the web service provider, as the answer we need could be one of them.

Yahoo Customer Support

So to get through the common issues, read the FAQ’s quickly and hope you resolve your issue with it.

The technique to check whether the account is hacked or not?

The best way is to look for the points mentioned below:

  • The email is directed to the spam folder.
  • The frequency of receiving emails has reduced considerably.
  • The info and the settings are being tampered or altered.
  • There are login alerts from unknown locations on the recent activity page.

Time for an action, get alerted and secure your account immediately

How to establish the two step verification to enhance the security resolution?

The move is for an extended security to the Yahoo mail email account, so the steps for the set up are listed below:

  • After login to the account click the manager icon available in the high right-hand position.
  • Select the account info page.
  • Now hit or press Account security.
  • Enable the two-step verification and select on it
  • feed your active mobile number
  • now you need to select “send SMS” or if you want a telephonic Call enter ” call me”
  • You are expected to get a call or SMS which will have a code to feed in the verification password field, the medium will be of your choice.
  • Enter the code and click on verify.
  • You have now successfully allowed the two-step verification for the yahoo email account you want.

The account key code is not available?

  •  Click the “allow notifications from the App” in the mobile. Go to the app settings section and click on the allow notifications, hope this will solve your issue.

Issues while signing in even if the correct passwords and id are entered?

  •  The “Caps Lock” or “Num Lock” keys are not turn off or on as the original password demands. It can be possible that the credentials are not correct. Also, the issue might be with your existing browser settings, so ideally you should check that also. The browser has auto settings options which will acknowledge your auto filling options of the previous credentials. It might not be aware of your newly formed id or password.

I cannot recall my Yahoo password.

Time for rest it or creating a new one with the help of sigh-in-helper. The steps are:

  • Enter the registered email address  or else the registered mobile number
  • Rescue phone number
  • Rescue email address

The credentials mentioned overhead must be available to you at the time to begin the recovery process.

 Cannot recall my Yahoo id.

To restore it you need your mobile number which is registered with Yahoo or your retrieval email address. The sign-in-helper will give access to your account and you can start the process to restore your email account with the steps cited.

To reestablish contact to your Yahoo account through your PC

  • Reach the sign-in Aid
  • Select one of the credentials mentioned for the account retrieval in the Sign in Helper.
  • press ‘continue’
  • Now the instructions will guide you by the Sign in aid.

To restore from mobile

  • Reach for Yahoo app from your mobile
  • Hit the “Trouble signing in”
  • Your recovery credentials must be typed here which are registered with the Sign-in Helper.
  • Select “Continue”.
  • Follow commands cited in the Sign-in Helper top recover it from your mobile.

 If you suspect that your account is hacked then what to do next?

First thing is to reset your password. For this, you need to go to your Sign in Helper and check the instructions. The credentials you need handy are signed in an email address, recovery mobile number and the recovery email address.

With the new password, you can review the steps to secure a hacked account as well.

Sign in a sheet is refilling continuously?

Since the ‘sign in’ cookie is appearing again and again even after you have clicked it many times then it is the time to reset the cookie. The mandatory steps to follow for the procedure are:

  • Select the ‘Sign in as a different user’ on the sign in page.
  • Then you need to fill in your Yahoo credentials by typing your user name and Password.
  • Sign click in.

If the problem still persists then an alternative route for the issue is advised. Follow the following steps

  • Firstly press Ctrl+Shift+Delete to clear the browser’s cookies.
  • Then shut down the browser and again restart.
  • Now to need to go your login page and try to login again.
  • Repeat the steps again using the changed browser making sure it is compatible with Yahoo products.

 Steps to change a yahoo password from a web browser?

The stress-free ways to transform your Yahoo mail password are mentioned below.

  • Go to the Yahoo Account Info page.
  • Click on the Menu icon Image
  • Click on the Account Security.
  • Click on the Change password.
  • Enter and confirm your new password.
  • Click Continue.
  • This is it. You have changed your password successfully.

 Is it possible to turn off the account key?

Yes, it is absolutely possible to turn off account key. Follow the simple steps and turn them off.

 If you are facing inconvenience to turn them off from your Yahoo account, then we have listed the other methods and steps to do the same.

Methods to close the account key directly from the PC

  • Open the browser, and visit the Yahoo login page
  • Sign into your correct credentials to enter your account.
  • Visit Yahoo Account for the info Page
  • Select the Account security.
  • Select the Manage which is adjacent to Yahoo Account Key.
  • Select the Disable Account Key.
  • Select yes, disable Account Key for confirmation of the action
  • Click the Got it an option.

Switch off the account

  • Knock the Yahoo app to visit your page
  • select Menu icon Image in Sidebar menu icon
  • Select Account Key.
  • Select Manage Account Key.
  • Select yes, disable Account Key for confirmation.
  • Select the Got it.

 I have at no time received notification from an Account Key Sign in?

Make sure you have ‘allowed notification’ option in your account. Even if you allowed notification at the time of installation, then you need to enable notification from your mobile App in the Yahoo mail App.

Even if the above information does not work, then check the steps below

  • Go to your Yahoo sign in page using any browser.
  • Fill in your Yahoo email address and select Next
  • Now select Use text or you may send email to sign in
  • Add the missing digits of your phone number and select submit. Keep your phone handy and click on’ ‘yes, text me an account key’. If the mobile is not available then verifying it on the alternative email address.
  • Now you need to select or enter the verification code sent to you.
  • Lastly, select on continue option and the access to your account is possible.

The lost or deleted emails are not recovered, please suggests the route?

The emails are the precious documents in today’s world. Sometimes the users need them back as they need to follow up for the current use. The restoration is not every time possible, however, you can follow the simple steps and fill the void.

You need to ask the experts for the restoration of the emails. You can get the emails which have been deleted 7 days ago. Rest if this is the best case scenario, then the expert team will work best on their level to restore it. However, the pointers to be kept in mind for the restoration option

  • The restorations do not promise 100% success.
  • Restore request are not canceled
  • The 7 days old messages can be only restored.

This information makes you aware that if you have lost your email then jump into action as quick as possible.

How to install the Yahoo app on the android?

The incredible products from Yahoo have definitely made our life easier. All you need is to add them to your Android device and use them. However, a first time user might find issues while installing it. So we are providing the steps to install it.

  • The google play store on your mobile device has the app. You need to visit it by tapping it twice.
  • The common magnifying glass icon for the search option needs to be tapped.
  • Enter Yahoo app in the search bar.
  • Select the app you are looking for.
  • Select install
  • The App permissions open and now you need to select the Accept button. This will start the download action.

How to uninstall the Yahoo app on the Android device?

You might encounter issues while deleting the app. So for a smooth process check the steps below:

  • Reach the home screen of your Android device.
  • Select settings
  • Now select the Apps
  • Then you can search the App you intent to delete, then select the App icon.
  • Select the uninstall option, it will require you to select the OK as well. Now your app has been uninstalled.

The “Temporary error 14” is appearing on the screen

If the “Temporary Error 14” is nagging you repeatedly, then it’s none of your fault. It is the issue of the system and will solve by itself. If you are in a hurry to reach your account immediately, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Completely sing out from your Yahoo mail, be it PC, laptop, mobile anything.
  • The cache in the web browsing needs to be cleared.
  • Start afresh in your web browser.
  • Now sign back to your Yahoo mail

 The sending name requires being changed

You are married and now want to be known with a different surname or so. Well, no big deal, all you need is to log on to your yahoo mail and follow the simple steps.

  • Got settings
  • Select settings
  • Click on settings
  • Click Accounts
  • Now enter your new name you need to acknowledge in the “Your Name” field.
  • Finally, click save and your name is with the email for further use.

Recovering the Yahoo account if the access to the recovery mobile number is not possible

Well, nothing is impossible in the Yahoo world. If the mobile number is not registered then you need to an email address or Yahoo account recovery email for the purpose. Provide any one of the two credentials for smooth and error free login. Yahoo will send the password recovering link or account key. This link will be used to create a new password for the Yahoo mail. For more information log on to

Is it possible to get back the deleted Yahoo account?

  • First login to your Yahoo mail with your current password
  • The Yahoo needs verification as if the account is logged by human
  • Select reactivate

A few pointers mandatory to be checked before reactivating

  • Accounts that have been inactive for more than 12 months
  • The term of deletion is exceeding 90 days
  • The violation of terms of service has created the situation
  • This makes the account totally unrecoverable. For more help log on to

Is it possible to create a Yahoo account without a valid mobile number?

It is not possible and we need to inform you as well that alternative options like Tempo phone can be used. However, they are not safe and vulnerable to malice.

What is the process to change the phone number linked to my account?

If you fail the access to the recovery mobile number then the following steps needs to be followed for smooth performance

  • Reach your Yahoo Account.
  • Go to the Account security and click open
  • Click Email addresses or Phone numbers.
  • Click Add recovery email address or Add recovery phone number.
  • Next, follow the order from 1 to 3.

The recovery mobile number is changed and I forgot my recovery email address. Is it possible to get my recovery password?

Oh yes, absolutely. All you need is to log in the Yahoo account Helper Page and follow the instructions to solve the issue.

  1. The Yahoo is not able to show the Facebook emails. What can be done?
  2. It is quite simple to import Facebook contacts into your Yahoo account. You can send the emails to your friends directly from the account. But the thing you need to remember is that even after getting Facebook in your Yahoo mail, the messages will not come on the same account. You will receive notifications for the same. Yet it is convenient since you do not need t check Facebook for messages. The alerts keep you updated. If the task seems tough then please call Yahoo customer service.
  3. The Facebook notifications are irritating, how to stop them?
  4. The Yahoo mail account is over flooded with Facebook notifications and they seem to be following an endless trait, then a few changes in the account settings will do the purpose.
  • Login to your Facebook account with the appropriate credentials.
  • Go to account settings.
  • Below the page, you will find ‘notifications’. Select it
  • The edit in the ‘email option’ needs to be clicked
  • Now you select “Only notifications about your account, security and privacy” option.
  • This is it. No more notifications in your email account from Facebook.

 Is it possible to reach my yahoo account if I am not able to recall my password?

Well, it is an impossible task to reach your account without the password, however, you need to create or recover the same through the Sign-in-Helper page. All you need is recovery email address or phone number to create a new password.

The ‘Yahoo Account key’ or the 2 step verification, make sure you do not need the password at all. Yahoo will send a login prompt to your mobile and the directions will guide you to your account after you have selected yes option. For more info log on to

My birthday has been wrongly updated in Yahoo. How do I rectify it?

Oops, seems like an ultimate error. Yahoo does not allow to update the birthday date so if you want to change the birthday update you need to create a new account with the correct date.

 Is there any effect on other email addresses if I delete one of them?

Well, do not worry. If you delete a Yahoo account which is kind of dormant, it will not affect your other accounts. This is for the linked accounts a swell. However, make sure that the account deleted is not linked with the email clients. Also, the other online accounts for internet banking should be spared. For more help log on to

Is it possible to block Spam in Yahoo mail?

Oh yes, follow the simple steps to do so. Use the blocking feature of Yahoo and stop the unwanted messages in the Spam. More information is available on

What is the procedure to change my email id and address?

 A no way out situation. In any circumstances, you cannot change your email id and address. But if you want you can always open a new account with the desired id and address.

What does it means when I see my account repeatedly compromised?

This signifies that Yahoo is asking for verification whenever you are logging to your account. The reason is that Yahoo has suspected some suspicious activity met in your account. It is a temporary step for your security. If you want to check the issue, contact Yahoo email help.

Is the legacy contact possible in Yahoo account?

Yahoo takes your privacy very seriously. It is therefore not possible in your Yahoo account. It will never give your passwords or email access even after the demise of the user. Though the relative of the demised user can request Yahoo to delete the account. It is again to protect your privacy even after your death. If assistance is needed for the delete procedure, please contact Yahoo email help.

Can the other domain extensions be used to create an email account?

Not possible. Yahoo does not allow such activity and again it is for your security. However, an earlier account could be created with a base of language or location. For more visit Yahoo help center.

Are all the Yahoo email data can be downloaded?

Yes, they can be downloaded entirely irrespective of the size. Use CSV file for the purpose, also you can download the contact details as well. Even after deleting the account the data will be stores in the same for future references. For aid in saving the data, you call our expert team at Yahoo telephone number. They are available 24×7 for you.

How to reach Yahoo mail on third party application?

The third party application is an easy method to log on to your Yahoo mail. It comes to help when you want to add the email account in app installed on Android or IOS device. But you have to check the Yahoo account key feature is added. The steps to get the app password for Yahoo account

  • Sign into Yahoo mail from desktop device
  • Once logged in successfully, float your name
  • Select Account info and then the account security
  • Now on the screen display, pilot the link “Generate App password”
  • Select App from the drop-down menu and click generate
  • Now simply follow the instructions below the password

Press the ‘done’ button to make changes actual.

What is the reason to get a Yahoo sign in verification while accessing the account from a new device?

The security is the main reason when the Yahoo asks for the verification while signing in. though if you login from the same device every time, it will not ask for the verification process, the reason is that it is aware of the model number and name and thus is pretty sure of the identity.

However with the new device, the Yahoo wants to be sure of the model credentials, so the need for verification crops up.

What are the methods to check the recent Yahoo login activity?

The steps for the activity history are

  • Login in to Yahoo account with accurate login credentials
  • After login select the name icon and click on it.
  • The Account info link will open in the drop down option. Click the same
  • Once clicked, the page gets forwarded to Personal info.
  • You can check the other tabs on left side bar of the page like account security, recent activity, and preferences
  • Click the recent activity and wait. The info will display on the screen
  • Once the information is shown, you can see the heading Recent Activity in bold font on the top section.
  • Scroll down will help you view the recent login activity.
  • You can also check the devices, location from where your account has been accessed.
  • If you find anything doubtful, it is advised to change the email password as soon as possible.

 Is the Yahoo Messenger conversation history still available?

The conversation history can be found in the conversation archive tool in the new app. The old version is not used by Yahoo, so the conversation on it cannot be recovered. The new app is in use and so the recovery is possible in the new app only. You can also sort the messages into different sections such as instant, conference, SMS and also phone calls as well.

Hope the FAQ’s has covered all the regular issues that you might incur as a Yahoo user.


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